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Custom School Tablecloths are an ideal way to give your school the professional and positive image it deserves.


With a beautiful clear print of your school's logo and colours, these Tablecloths look incredible and can be used again and again.


  • Custom Digital Print on a quality gaberdine tablecloth fabric

  • 2 standard sizes to fit tables 1800x900mm or 1800x750mm (custom sizes available)

  • Can be made as a 4-sided drape cloth or a 3-sided 'sit behind' cloth

  • Your choice as to colour and design

"Today we received our Tablecloth! We are thrilled with the result! Thank you so much for your super fast response! For the first time we will have the Year 6 gift to the school on display at their official farewell assembly."

- St Andrew's Public School


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