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We welcome you to download, print, laminate and display these youth-friendly A4-size posters.

These were designed to help remind your students simple ways that they can stay healthy and help to stop the spread of Covid-19 at school and at home.

Please note, these are not government endorsed or government approved posters.
They should not replace any government health signage that you have in place.

We simply wanted to provide some signage ideas that provide the same message in a simpler form, and which may be more visually enticing to students of all ages.

Stay safe. Wash your hands.

PRIMARY SCHOOL FRIENDLY   (click here to download)


HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDLY   (click here to download)


JUST PLAIN FRIENDLY   (click here to download)


THANK YOU for visiting our website, and for your ongoing work during the current health crisis.

If you would like information on new school banners, flags or tablecloths, please get in touch.

We are proud to provide our products and service to Australian schools and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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